• A Success Story Continues!

    The first Tibetan Gorshey Event in July 2017 was a great success and we would like to take the opportunity to thank all our sponsors and everyone involved for the generous support. We have received positive feedback about the event from a number of participants, as well as constructive suggestions for improvement. At the same time, the event was a great learning opportunity and we remain confident that with a few modifications, we will be able to achieve an even better outcome next time.

    For more information about the event, please go to our YouTube channel.


Jede Spende ist herzlich willkommen / Every donation is much appreciated
Vorstellung von Tashi Tsering / Introduction of Tashi Tsering
Kurzes Video-Interview mit Tashi Tsering / Short video interview with Tashi Tsering
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2. October 2016

The basic idea for „Pines of Tibet“ originated in 2012 among longtime friends with a common interest in organizing a pilot charity project for Tibet. The focus of the project was defined to be the support of young people in Tibet with regards to education, culture and equality of opportunity. Following the evaluation of a…