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  • 2. October 2016
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The basic idea for „Pines of Tibet“ originated in 2012 among longtime friends with a common interest in organizing a pilot charity project for Tibet. The focus of the project was defined to be the support of young people in Tibet with regards to education, culture and equality of opportunity. Following the evaluation of a number of different options, the project team decided to support the charitable organization of Tashi Tsering in Tibet (“Tibet Tashi Tsering Education Development”). This institution has developed a network of over 60 schools across Tibet, among which the school in Namling is the first vocational school. This particular school was chosen to receive support from the pilot project, following discussions with the management of the organization and the local school principal. After an extended planning phase, a charity event was finally carried out in June 2014. Thanks to generous partners, sponsors and numerous volunteers, the event was a remarkable success resulting in a net profit of over CHF 15’000, which was fully donated to the vocational school in Namling.

In the Summer of 2015, Tashi Khorlotsang had the opportunity to visit the school in Namling together with his family and observe the progress made following the abovementioned donation. During his visit, the immense gratitude of the school’s leadership team as well as the significant impact of the financial support became apparent. At the same time, the need for further support was expressed and discussed.
Due to the positive experience and the results achieved with the pilot project, the members of the organizing committee decided to take Pines of Tibet to the next level and to formalize the project through the foundation of a nonprofit organization under Swiss law („Verein“). The official constituent assembly took place on April 16, 2016 and the organization will continue to focus on achieving transparent improvements on site in Tibet, thereby contributing to the sustainable long-term success of the school and the quality of its education. Given the established relationship and governance structure, a continued support of the school in Namling is currently foreseen.
The membership fee will be CHF 100 per annum and membership is generally open to everyone with a strong commitment to and sustained interest in the purpose and objectives of the organization. Donations without membership are of course always welcome. Currently, the plan includes two yearly fundraising events in addition to a larger project / event every two years. In addition, there will be further activities to be announced at the appropriate time.

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